How To Sell Life Insurance Online

Would you like to sell senior life insurance?

Would you like to sell it online?

The very thought of sitting home and selling life insurance via the internet is a very attractive thought to many a senior life insurance broker. No need to dress up in a suit, no late after hours appointments and no commute.

Sorry, I hate to break this bad news to you, but, it won’t work that way. There’s no website for brokers that allows for consumers and you to work jointly together via the click of a few buttons and buy life insurance and deposit the money into your bank account.

That’s the Truth!

However, here’s some good news. When such a day comes, consumers will just click to buy their insurance and the company won’t require you anymore. All the company will need is an IT department.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use a website and increase your sales. A website should be a very useful and effective tool in your market kit. However, you’ll have to rid your mind of the misconceptions and you’ll need to clarify your thoughts. You can translate website equals sales, however, it’s important to remember that it’s not a problem with a computer, it’s a marketing issue that requires a marketing solution. This means that you’ll have to have a level of experience in this arena.


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What’s The Sale?

Well, we know that you’re not going to sell life insurance directly via your website. Then what good does a website do? The website rethinks the view of a sale.

A website is a sales lead. It can generate leads. While you’re not selling life insurance directly from a website, you are going to convert your visitors into leads. You’ll need to convert the contact info and gain their name as well as number and permission to call regarding life insurance.

After you’ve gained leads, you can go the normal route of a sales call. You’ve got their name and number now all you need to do is consider how you’re going to approach the sale. Rethink the strategy of the website as a lead generator and direct mail or telemarketing methods.

Double Sales

You understand the funnel system. 1000 contacts will convert into 100 prospects and those 100 prospects will translate to 10 sales. Would you like to double this number? Okay, then dump 2000 contacts into the funnel and rinse and repeat.

That’s a lot of work. You’ll have to have over 1000 visitors for the first 1000 contacts. You’ll have to double that number to double your sales. How will you accomplish that? Increase your Google ranking? Pay for more advertising?

What if you simply rethink your website approach? If a lead converts to a sale, you’ve made progress. But, how do you ask the visitor to buy? Simple, you ask them for the sale. This will double your conversion rate without doubling your traffic.

Instead Of More visitors, Try More Conversions

Take a look at your website from the angle of generating leads. Did you ask for a sale? Did you direct your visitors and ask them directly for contact info as your main goal on your site? If not, you certainly didn’t ask for the sale.

If you’re not asking for the sale, this is a huge mistake. You need to focus your website on visibility and graphics so that the visitor sees the request for their contact info. You need to lead the visitor to give you this information.

Placing a contact form on your page is pointless. Most people won’t use it and fill it out they’ll ignore it.

Ask For The Sale

ask for the sale

While it sounds nice, the visitor simply giving you their contact info, why should they?

The answer has 2 steps. First, you must ask directly. The focal point on the page must be the request for the contact info. The second step is that they must fill out the form on your page. Often there is extra info requested.

Here are three examples:

1. Request with a personalized note.

2. Use an online life insurance quote and the plugin that will be on your website so that they can get an instant quote. I chose an advanced customized version. There are entry-level versions as well that work very well. I would recommend starting with this version.

3. Offer a report or white paper such as “Top 10 Ways To Get Cheaper Life Insurance”.

In short, you’ll gain more traffic, however, you’ll want to increase your conversion rates with leads. Take a look at your site and ensure that you’re asking for the direct info on each page. Make sure that the request for info is a focal point. Use a life insurance plugin so that you’ll get contact info.

By making a conscious effort to move your info requests to the front and center where they can’t miss them, you’ll learn how to make your leads turn into more conversions.

Remember, ask direct, don’t beat around the bush if you want that lead to convert.