Human Life after and before the Invention of Personal Computers: A Quick Preview

The invention of personal computers marked the beginning of an era in the human history. Computers evolved through a lot of stages. It is quite hard to believe that these huge machines were built just to make calculations considering what computers are capable of doing today. Undeniably computers have a huge impact on mankind. Every task that we carry out today requires the assistance of a machine. People who do not know how to use computers are considered so Neanderthal humans. So today we are going to see the contrast human life that we are leading after the invention of personal computers.


The world before computers:

I hope you wouldn’t mind if I say that world before computers was quite peaceful and pleasant and the world wasn’t so much mechanical. But at the same time, it was difficult to carry out a lot of things manually. People spent long hours in mathematical calculations and designing algorithms for machinery and other tools. They didn’t know how to hack it and finish them at the earliest. Though the first computers were launched in the late the 1800s, it didn’t solve all of this initially. But later different people incorporated different things into it and improvised the idea of computers. After this, they became objects of amazement.

The world after computers:

Starting from the western world in the 1900s by 2000s almost every single house owned a system. People started traveling globally, and computers were very much useful in communication. People started using web cameras. Computers were incorporated with the e-technology. A machine that was nothing more than a big calculator earlier has now become the most important thing of our day to day living and has transformed our lives completely. Right from individuals to big organizations, all prefer computers. Without computers, all your work would simply get stalled and will move no further. Without computers, the world is simply unimaginable.

So it is a boon or bane?

We can clearly see the change that computers have caused. People from all age group right from 6 to 60 all enjoy the company of a computer. Educational institutions, MNCs, hospitals, manufacturing concerns and almost in every other place computer does the work from dawn to dusk. But it is also the same tool and gets into the hands of hackers and terrorists. So it simply depends on who uses it and what they use it for. Also, it had made life more mechanical and lifeless which is definitely a  bane. Computers replaced the human resource, and employment opportunities fell but at the same time, different job opportunities based on computers increased. This invention was inevitable, and if not now, we would have witnessed this a later but this was definitely coming.